Haiku Archiving Old Classes

Making your Classes Inactive

If your class is over and students no longer need access, the very first thing to do is make your class Inactive. If you have been added as a teacher to a class that is not yours, be sure to speak with the main teacher before deactivate the class.

Why? When you make your class inactive it becomes invisible to your students. Making your class inactive will prevent students from logging into the class, but all of the class content and student data will still be available to you (and any co-teachers).

How? To make your class inactive, choose Make Inactive from the Manage Class menu. You can also reactivate a class at any time.

What happens to inactive classes? Do they ever get deleted?
Your classes are yours, so it’s up to you to decide what happens to your inactive classes! You can keep them around as long as you wish, or delete them whenever you wish. You can access your inactive classes by clicking on the Inactive tab on your My Classes screen. You can also reactivate a class at any time.


Sharing your old classes

If you are no longer teaching the same classes next year, and one of your colleagues will be, you can add that person as a teacher to your Inactive class. That way your colleague can choose whether to copy that class for the next year or whether they simply want to use particular Content Blocks from it.

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