Google Calendar – Productivity and Efficiency

Use Calendar to increase teacher productivity and efficiency

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Google Calendar is an outstanding tool to leverage in your role as an educator or school administrator. This includes adding student assignments, copying assignments, attaching class or project files and creating work folders.

While your Google Apps school account automatically creates a primary calendar for you, it can be useful to have several additional calendars to help organize the different parts of your life. The primary calendar that comes with your Google Apps account will be associated with the name and email address of your account. However, you can create as many secondary calendars as you like. For example, you might want to have a school/work calendar that has all the events and appointments related to school (staff meetings, school events, conferences). In addition, you may want to have a separate personal calendar for keeping track of events and appointments outside of work (a doctor appointment, dinner with a friend, exercise class).

These different calendars not only allow you to see different information on your calendar (you can choose a color for school and a different color for personal), but also let you set different privacy settings for the calendars. This allows everyone at your school to see your school/work calendar, while not allowing anyone to have access to your personal calendar.