Sharing Google Calendar with teachers and students

Sharing a Calendar

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Besides creating a personal calendar to help organize your own activities and priorities, it can be useful to create calendars to share information across groups of people. Here are some examples of group calendars that could be used at your school:

  • Class calendar for class-related events such as activities, class meeting times, testing schedules and lesson objectives
  • Homework calendar with detailed descriptions of homework assignments, links to relevant materials and due dates
  • School-wide holiday or academic schedule with in-service days, holidays and other scheduling anomalies
  • Group project deadlines and milestones for a group or team to track workload
  • School sporting event schedules that can be shared with the entire school

Calendar sharing options in Google Apps:

If you use your personal email address with Google Calendar, you have the option to keep a calendar private or to share it. However, with Calendar for Google Apps you have a third sharing option. You can choose to keep a calendar private, to share it with the world, or to only share it with members of your domain. If you share it with members of your domain, the calendar can only be accessed with those who have an “’ account.

With the sharing options available, it is easy to create a school calendar with varying levels of access – you can specify certain users that can make changes, others that can only see the calendar, or set a broad access setting for the public or individuals at your school.

The following are the different types of access levels you can grant to individuals, users at your school and the public (everyone in the world). Please note: If you don’t see all of these options, you may need to speak with your domain administrator to enable these features.

  1. Completely private calendar
  2. Limited calendar view: free/busy information
  3. Full calendar view: show all event details
  4. Full calendar access: make changes to events
  5. Full calendar ownership: Make changes to events AND manage sharing