Gmail Task Checklist

Gmail Task Checklist

Send a Message

  • Open a new Compose message

  • Attach a file from your tablet

  • Attach a link via Google Drive

  • Add an Image (from tablet or internet)

  • Insert a link

  • Check your spelling (look for More Options)

  • Minimize a message in compose window, full screen it, pop it out (shift-click)

Receive a Message

  • Reply to message or forward it on

  • Print email

  • Chat with sender

  • Add the email to your Tasks list

  • Pop out the conversation into a new window

Labels and Filters

  • Create a label

  • Move an email (remove Inbox label and add new label)

  • Archive an email (remove Inbox label)

  • Label an email (add multiple labels to an email)

  • Create a filter based on an email (“Filter messages like this”)

  • Create a filter from Search Options

  • Create, delete or edit a filter from Settings

  • Add multiple criteria

  • Set actions applied to messages fitting these criteria

Search for Emails

  • Search all emails in subject, body and attachments for a topic

  • Use Search Options to narrow search further

  • Use Search criteria (from: to: subject: has: in: is: )

Google Labs

  • Undo send (adjust timing in Settings)

  • Set up a Canned Response

  • Find additional Labs to play with

Personalize your Inbox

  • Go through your General Settings

    • Customize your conversation view

    • Customize your signature

  • Change your reading pane (using Gmail Labs)

  • Pick an Inbox Type

  • Pick a Theme


  • Create a new contact

  • Add additional fields if necessary

  • Create contact group

  • Add and remove contacts to a group

  • Edit/Delete a contact


  • From an email, Add it to Tasks

  • Edit the details of a task

  • Connect a task to your calendar

  • Reorder your tasks

  • Create a new task list

  • Complete a task, clear completed tasks

  • View task list from Mail/Calendar/Tasks menu (top-left)

Google Chat and Hangouts

  • Test Lab – Right-side chat – to see if you prefer it

  • Practice txting one of your contacts

  • Try voice or video chat with your contacts

  • Sign up for a Google+ account

  • Start a hangout with one of your contacts

  • Add an app (eg. Google Drive)

  • Chat within your Hangout