Google Calendar Checklist

Gmail Calendar Checklist

Create an Event

  • Create an assignment on calendar

    • Set time and repeat

    • Choose Calendar for event

    • Attach – from Google Drive or computer

  • Show/hide calendars

    • Browse calendars of holidays and events

  • Create/Sign-up for an Appointment Slots event

View and Print

  • Select the view you prefer

    • Day, Week, Month, Custom views, Agenda

  • View your calendar on a mobile device

  • Print Preview – set date range, settings

  • Save calendar as a PDF file

  • Print single event

Share a Calendar

  • Add a guest to an event

    • Use Find a Time to see when people are available

    • Send email reminder to guests

  • Use different sharing settings for calendar

    • Limited view: free/busy info

    • Full view: shows all event details

    • Full access: can make changes to events

    • Full ownership: can change events and manage sharing

  • Embed a calendar in a blog using embed code