Multiple Chrome Accounts

Multiple Chrome Accounts

There are lots of good reasons for having multiple Google accounts, but many people get tripped up in managing them or keeping them separate. It used to be that we would use different browsers to keep them straight, or use Google’s multiple sign-in. Both of those solutions are problematic, though, as I explain in the first couple minutes of the video below.

A better way is by using multiple users accounts of Google Chrome. That way, you can flip between accounts and not worry about things opening up in the wrong account.

First, if you currently use Multiple Signin, make sure you sign out of all but one of your Google Accounts. From the Google webpage, click your Profile and then ‘Sign out’. Then click ‘Sign in’ and you should see all of the accounts listed.

Multiple Login snip

Next click ‘Remove’, and then click on all but one of your accounts. Click ‘Done’. Then click on your single account and enter your password to log into it.

Now that you have a single account, click the Google Settings button, Google Settings button, in the top right of the Chrome Browser and click ‘Settings’. Under category Users, click ‘Add new user…’  If you are already logged in with your work account, call this one ‘Personal’.  If you are logged in with your personal account, call this one ‘Work’, or something descriptive. Give it an icon as well. Click ‘Create’. Now log in to that Chrome account using whichever Google account you picked.

Now you should see the icon appear in the top left of your screen for Windows, or top right if using a Mac.  If you click it, you can flip to the other Google account. To pick an icon for your original account, flip back to it, go to Settings, and under Users click ‘Edit’.  Then you can change it from First User to something descriptive and also pick an icon for it.

Feel free to add additional users as needed.  This should give you an easy way of managing multiple Google accounts.  It only works when using Chrome, but that should be enough for most purposes.