Haiku Archiving Old Classes

Haiku Class Archiving

If your class is over and students no longer need access, the very first thing to do is make your class Inactive. If you have been added as a teacher to a class that is not yours, be sure to speak with the main teacher before deactivate the class.


To create an archive of past classes for reference

To ensure that classes are not ‘lost’ when teachers leave

To allow HODs to keep track easily of what is happening


To make your class inactive, choose Make Inactive from the Manage Class menu. You can also reactivate a class at any time.


Do your students (new or old) need to see your class over the summer?

  • If yes
    • Manage Class -> Class Settings
    • Set Class visible to “All People in UNIS Hanoi”
  • If no
    • Deactivate your old classes
    • Manage Class – Make Inactive

Notes for next year

If you know who will be teaching that course next year, indicate in the “New Teacher” column of the Transitions sheet.

If there are additional notes for us in setting up classes, add Notes or Comments.

For HODs and GLLs – Creating new classes

  • Log in with Position account
  • Manage Class -> Save As
    • New Class
    • All Page Content (deselect any that are unwanted)
    • Use existing Google Docs
  • Rename according to naming conventions
    • (Grade Level) (Class Name) – (Teacher) (Year)
    • Examples
      • G06 English – Louvet 2016-17
      • G08 English B P3/4 – Key 2016-17
      • G09 Humanities – Schneiderman/Mirza 2016-17
      • G08 Science Melton/McAuley 2016-2017
      • DP Mathematical Studies SL – Taggart 2015-2017
  • Change Year to 2017-18

If there are any new classes that need to be created, indicate so on the New Classes tab.