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Copy the correct MYP or DP Template

For most classes, you will want to build your class from a Haiku class used in the previous year. However, if you are creating a brand new class you need to use one of our MYP or DP templates. To do so, click on the relevant link below.

If you are creating an MYP class select the template from your subject area.  If you are teaching DP, just select ‘DP Template’.  You will want to check the option to copy to “A New Class”. Also make sure that you update the year to your current school year. Click the Continue button on the bottom.  Within seconds, the template will copy over to a new, inactive class.

From there, you will want to rename the class to reflect what you will actually be teaching. Click Manage Class, Class Settings. Change your Class Name to match the UNIS naming conventions (eg. if I was teaching grade 8 Humanities in 2017-18 it would be called G08 Humanities – Swanson 2017-18). Also, rename the class URL to match the new class name. Click Save. Click the ‘Welcome to the MYP’ page title and rename it to match your class. Finally, make sure that the Assessment Criteria pages are removed for grades that are not in the class. Click here to see how to remove unnecessary pages and import pages from other classes

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