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Copy the correct MYP or DP Template

Once you have made your old classes Inactive, you need to create new classes from our DP or MYP  templates.  When creating these classes, be careful that you create only 1 Haiku Class for every 1 INSIS Course.  If multiple teachers are teaching the same course, or if INSIS has generated multiple classes for the same course, remember to create only 1 Haiku Class for all of them.

To import a class, click on the relevant link below.

If you are creating an MYP class select the template from your subject area.  If you are teaching DP, just select ‘DP Template’.  You probably want to check the option to copy to “A New Class”, but if you already have a class well developed in Haiku you can use “An Existing Class”. Click the Continue button on the bottom.  Within seconds, the template will copy over to a new, inactive class.

From there, you will want to rename the class to reflect what you will actually be teaching. Click Manage Class, Class Settings. Change your Class Name to match the UNIS naming conventions (eg. G08 English, or DP Chemistry). Also, rename the class URL to match the new class name. Click Save. Finally, click the ‘Welcome to the MYP’ page title and rename it to match your class.

This class will be listed under Inactive Classes and School Year 2014-2015.

Click here to see how to remove unnecessary pages and import pages from other classes


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