Haiku Delete and Import pages 1

Delete unnecessary pages and Import new ones

After your class copies over, if it is an MYP class you will see that there are several Assessment Criteria pages, two of which you need to delete. Just click the haiku_organize button to the right of ‘+Add Page’. From there, click on the minus sign on the right of the page to delete the unnecessary Assignment Criteria pages.

Finally, it’s time to import any pages from your other classes that you want to use. This will become very useful as you build up your own teaching materials in Haiku and reuse them from class to class. You can copy in a Page or a Content Block from any of your Active or Inactive classes. To copy in a Page, go to the page you want to copy and click Manage Page, Copy Page. Then type in the name of your new class in the searchbar. You can copy the page to the bottom of the list, or as a subpage. Then click Next, and click Copy. The page should appear in the new class. To copy a Content Block the process is exactly the same except you need to click the drop-down arrow at the upper-right corner of the content block that you wish to copy.

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