Camstudio – Digital Storytelling

To make a digital story the technology is pretty simple, but to do it well requires lots of thought and preparation.  The most important part of it is the story itself – it needs to be interesting and compelling.  A story is different than a simple list of events; stories have conflict, resolution, and meaning.

With that said, let’s take a look at the technical side of digital storytelling.  You want to start out with a set of photos that you plan to use.  Then put those photos in a slideshow, either Google Slides or Powerpoint, KeyNote, or something of your own preference.

Next, go to the Start button and open CamStudio.  This is free screencasting software that we will use to go from slideshow to movie.  Be sure to set the sound levels appropriately (see video above) and then hit record.  Now start up your slideshow in Presentation mode.  Move through your presentation and tell your story. Finally, hit F8 to stop recording in CamStudio.  If you need to, open the CamStudio video in Movie Maker to trim the ends of it and it clean up any mistakes in it.