New Faculty Tech Orientation

Day 1

Day 2

Read, compose and send a message
Create an EventHow to open itCreate multiple Chrome usersWhat is Hapara
Send an email with various attachmentsAdd GuestsCreate a New Folder/FileAdd appropriate extensions and chrome appsShare and Copy Documents to your Students
Add label/s to an emailUse Find a Time featureUpload a File/FolderUse incognito to troubleshoot, as a guest user, etcA Student's View of Hapara folders in Google Drive
Search your email for a topicCreate an additional calendarCo-edit a shared Google DocReopen Closed TabsAssign Students to Groups
Create a Contact/Contact GroupShare a calendarDelete Browsing Data
Personalize your Inbox by going through General SettingsAdd various UNIS calendars
Gmail Labs (ex. Undo Send, Canned Response)(MSHS only) Import your class teaching calendar

Prefer to look through these topics in a slideshow?

Interested in Google’s tool training site, or training for Educators?

Day 3

Day 4