Google Drive – UNIS Naming Convention

In order to maintain order within our institutional Google Drive we ask that all files and folders visible to groups follow the naming convention outlined below.

The naming convention is:

(Grade Level/Division) (Department/Course/Topic/Unit) – Title (Year)

Please make sure to:

  • pick titles that are clear but not excessively long
  • if you need to, specify the relevant school year

For example:

  • ES DRM – Collage Rubric
  • G01 PYP – Assessment LP Self Evaluation
  • G02 HWEO – Self-portrait Rubric
  • D12 – Faculty Orientation Schedule 1819
  • G08 – Grade Level Meeting Minutes
  • HS – Goal Setting for (faculty name) 1819
  • G06 – Advisory Academic Lessons
  • G10 – Students of Concern 1819
  • BUS – Fiscal Planning 1819


The information in the name should stand alone and not require knowledge of the parent folder. Always consider the name from the perspective of others that are viewing it from a share in My Drive.

Imagine you have a folder called HS Graduation and create a document in it called “Schedule”. Then you share that document out with the rest of the faculty. Although it is clear from the context of the file in your folder what the “Schedule” doc is referring to, it is not clear for anyone else. Instead, you should name it “HS Graduation Schedule”.

For more guidance on prefix abbreviations, see table below: