Video with iPads

Digital Storytelling

There are lots of greats reasons to engage kids in digital storytelling, and lots of great tools to help them tell stories better. One of the easier ways of working with this is by using iPads. Check out Michael Hernandez’s slideshow about how to tell cinematic stories with iPads and iMovie:

For a 10 minute orientation to iMovie itself, here’s a video tutorial. Watch as much as you need to get yourself started.

Once students create quality videos, there are lots of fun things they can do with them. One fun way of displaying videos is through the Aurasma App and augmented reality. Students can link their videos with trigger photos, then display their videos in a virtual gallery walk. Check out how John Zingale is using Aurasma in his 7th grade class:

If you have an iPad or smartphone with you, take a look at the Aurasma on this image:

There also some great apps that let you create animations and the like. Check out Puppet Pals 2, as well as Stop Motion.