Google Drive – Intro


What is the Cloud?

People often have confusion over what the ‘cloud’ actually is.  In fact, storing information on the ‘cloud’ means storing it on some company’s servers.  These servers are located all over the world, and you access your information through some sort of internet interface.

Is your information safe?

Many people wonder if it’s safe to put their information on some company’s servers.  Opinions on this question vary, but it’s probably about as safe as putting it on your own computer.  Google works hard to encrypt all of the information stored on your Drive, and while they may use some of it to customize ads for you, they do not sell your identity to other parties.

Reasons to use Google Drive

For many people, the reasons to use cloud storage in general, and Google Drive specifically, outweigh the possible risks. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Allows easy access from any device with internet
  • Allows information to be accessed from Windows, Macs, Android, etc
  • You don’t have to worry as much about backing up data
  • You can collaborate on projects easily with others
  • Google Apps for Education is free for schools and everyone at UNIS Hanoi has an account
  • With Google Drive, you get MUCH more space than services like Dropbox. Google gives you 30 GB of space for email and file storage.  That’s not a lot if you are storing large movies, audio, or photos, but it should be more than enough for most of your school and work related materials.