Secure Passwords

You've been hacked

Having a secure password is essential so that your data doesn’t get hacked or your identity stolen. This is not something that only affects adults – it’s essential for kids as well.


One way of creating a safe password is by using a pass phrase that contains letters, numbers, and symbols.

For example, the phrase “I moved to Hanoi in January 2017!!” turns into ImtHiJ17!!

If you are thinking about using a password, but you aren’t sure if it is strong, use this tool from Cloudwards to check your current password or generate a new one.

Password Manager

Even having a strong password isn’t necessarily enough. If you use the same password for every site, then if any of those organizations gets hacked (and this happens regularly), your username and password could be sold to strangers.

One solution is to use a password manager, like LastPass. Here is a review of some of the best password managers.

How to change it for Windows

Very easy. Type Ctrl-Alt-Del. Select “Change a Password”.

Enter in your old password. Then put in your new password twice.