Interactivity in Presentations

There are a wide variety of tools that can make presentations more interactive. Here are some of the tools that UNIS teachers have found to be useful:

  • Nearpod – allows teachers to import from Slides or Powerpoint and then add polls, open-ended questions, and drawing questions. The pro version allows students to view “VR” photospheres as well as access a large bank of lessons. 
  • GoFormative – has similar functionality to Nearpod but is structure more like a form than a presentation. Allows teachers to create quizzes with a wider range of question types than a Google Form, and pro version includes white board drawing, audio responses, categorizing items, graphing, sequencing, and more.
  • Mentimeter – let’s you ask questions of your class and then show some beautiful visualizations of the answers. Great for open-ended questions, word cloud creation, image choosing questions, and looking at relationships between variables.
  • PollEverywhere – can be used for stand-alone questions or (my favorite) in conjunction with the Polleverywhere Chrome extension to insert interactive questions into a Google Slides presentation. You can create word clouds, ask open ended questions, have clickable images, and more. The free version has a limit on the number of responses per question, but you can reset the poll and reuse for a new class.
  • Pear Deck – is similar to Nearpod, though the free version is somewhat limited. The paid version is full featured and has some unique question types, for example allowing students to place dots on an image (eg. a map) or on a graph. It also allows the teacher to highlight individual responses anonymously. Pear Deck can be integrated into a Google Slide deck with the appropriate Add-on.

The pro accounts for teachers for these tools range from $100-$150 per month per teacher. If you are interested in prototyping the pro versions of one of them, contact the Tech Office.