Google Text Docs

Google Text Docs are one of the most important tools in the Google Apps package. They are mostly like Microsoft Word documents, but they have far better collaboration possibilities. To get started with Google Text Docs, either click the link here, or watch the first video tutorial below:

Once you feel comfortable with the basics of Google Text Docs, you can try out some of the more advanced features described in the video below:

All of these videos, though, are useless unless you practice and use these skills.  Take a minute to create a Google Doc, share it with a friend, and then try out the following features:

  • Insert a picture (both from another tab and using Google Research)
  • Insert a hyperlink
  • Insert a table (practice formatting it)
  • Insert a Table of Contents (make sure you have some Headings)

Finally, make sure that you practice collaborating with those around you.  Share your document with them, Comment on each others’ documents, and use the Chat feature to try it out.  If you are in the same room as your collaborators, you probably won’t need to use the Chat, but it can be very helpful if you are far away.
Feel free to click this link and continue editing the document that I created for the video. A published version will automatically update below (I told you there were more tricks!)