ES Parents


Being a parent in the digital world we live it has both new opportunities and challenges that come along with it.  On this page we will try to bring together some of the best articles, tools, and resources to help you and your child be successful using technology here at UNIS.

The Latest News

See some of the latest of what’s happening tech-wise at UNIS:

Digital Citizenship

One of the most important issues for both parents and students to understand is that of digital citizenship.  Here are some resources that may help:

ISIS Family

At UNIS, all of our student, parent, and class information is stored in a system called ISIS. Click a tutorial below to learn how to use different parts of it.

    Parent Workshops

    The UNIS Tech team offers monthly sessions on a variety of issues from digital distraction to creative uses of classroom technology. Here are some posts from our previous sessions:

    Helpful Apps

    Below are some apps and tools that you may find helpful in managing your digital world.

      For New Parents

      If you are new to UNIS, we recommend that you begin by taking a look at our UNIS Tech Handbook.

      In addition to the Tech Handbook, we have a few supporting documents: